Aromatherapy Tip of the Day – November 3, 2013

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Logo by Hemant

Today’s Aromatherapy Tip of the Day: November 3, 2013 is The Spiritual Connection.


When using essential oils specifically for subtle healing or spiritual enhancement, create a special time to link with the divine energy of the universe. This time is sacred and qualitatively different from the rest of the day. Approach this sacred time with the right intention. Empty you mind of negativity, focus on the positive, and recognize the divinity in the energy the pervades all living things. Breathe deeply, slow down, and rest in infinite peace within yourself.
There are many ways to use essential oils in your spiritual practice. The most usual means is by Aroma Lamps or Oil Burners. For an average-size room add 5 to 6 drops of your chosen essential oil to an Aroma Lamp bowl full of water.

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Debra Mauldin, Certified Aromatherapist
Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have pertaining to using essential oils as aromatherapy. Please put ‘Aromatherapy’ in the subject line.

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Resource: The Fragrant Heavens by Valerie Ann Worwood

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