Daily Prompt: Express Yourself

Daily Prompt: Express Yourself
by michelle w. on October 24, 2013

Tell us about a time you couldn’t quite get your words or images to express what you wanted to express. What do you think the barrier was? For bonus points, try again.
I do have trouble grasping the right words or finding an image to express what I want to express. I chalk-it-up to the beginnings of Alzheimer’s or too many drugs-on-the-brain. I say that in jest, but seriously, I’m on medications for Allergies, Anxiety, Arthritis, Depression, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Narcolepsy, Sleep-Apnea, and Sleeping Pills. Quite a list, huh? It’s a wonder I can walk or talk, let alone write.
1 Lots of Prescription Drugs.jpg 2
I don’t drive, so don’t worry about meeting me on the road.
Anyway, I think the drug-induced fog-on-the-brain is my barrier.

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