Book Review: Kuruk: The Little Bear That Could by Ku

1 Kuruk Book
Kuruk: The Little Bear That Could
One Rescue Pup’s Journey of Healing
By Ku

Kuruk is a Malamute from Alaska. Kuruk wanted to write a book and tell everyone, (human and animal), “the story of my rescue and my healing journey”.
Kuruk is a bit of a poet, too, and loves Haiku’s. You will find Ku’s Haiku’s scattered throughout the book, such as this one to start:
I lived on a chain
Born into captivity
Humans with hearts came

Kuruk was born in a ‘puppy mill’ along with 170 other Alaskan Malamute’s. He lived his life on a four-foot chain; often without food and water. Some of the pack started to die.
Then, “some humans came and put all of us in crates”. So began Kuruk’s 3,000 mile journey.

In his superbly written book, Kuruk tells about his journey on a big truck, visiting with the veterinarians, flying on an airplane, more trucks, ending in a shelter. Kuruk says in his book, “Every day there were new
things that caused me great fear, so I had to keep telling myself I could do it”. He learned that the humans, at the shelter, were part of a rescue group called the Washington Alaskan Malamute Adoption League (WAMAL).
Kuruk also learned that his name meant ‘bear’ in the Native American Pawnee language. Kuruk says, “I had to draw upon the wisdom of my inner bear to help me each and every day”.
Soon different humans began to come in to the shelter and take the pups away one by one. A foster Momma took Kuruk from the shelter.
The foster Momma had other dogs at her home too. Kuruk was taken on hikes with the other dogs and listened to their stories of abandonment and how they came to be at the foster Momma’s house.
One day a pretty lady with a very big Malamute named Simba came to visit Kuruk. The pretty lady asked Kuruk if he would like to live with her and Simba. Kuruk was full of joy. “Am I getting a forever family?” he wondered.
The lady soon came back, with a new collar and harness for Kuruk, put him in her car, and off they went.
Kuruk had a new Mama, a warm and cozy home, plenty of food and water, a big yard to run and play in, and a big brother to teach him everything he knew. Lots of love helped Kuruk to heal.

You can purchase Ku’s book here:

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Read more of Ku’s Haiku’s at:

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  1. Wooohooowoooooooo! Thank you so much MamaBear, especially for saying I’m a superb writer! ***blushing under fluffy cheeks**** I will compose a Haiku for youwooooowoooooo and post it soon. Nose Kissies, Ku 😛


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