October Ancestry Challenge 2013: Ancestor #10

1 Ancestry Challenge October

Ancestor #10

This week, I want to write about my paternal grandmother’s side of the family; The Gents, Gantts, Gants. I am blessed to still have my paternal grandmother living, and of good mind, at the age of 95. My father, and his youngest sister, takes turns having her stay with them. She has been able to help me with some of the Gant line. I, also, have a distant cousin that helped me with those from the Gant line that stayed in South Carolina.

The farthest I’ve been able to go back, thus far, on the Gant line is James Gent, my 5th great grandfather. According to his AGBI, he was born 1750 in Virginia and passed away in 1771 at the age of 21. However, before James passed away, he and an unknown wife had a son: Almond Gantt.

Almond was born in 1770 in Culpepper, Virginia. According to the 1800 U. S. Census, Almond had married and moved to Laurens District, South Carolina. Almond married Nancy Bramblett. Nancy, the daughter of Reuben Bramblett and Susannah Unknown, was born in 1784 in Fauquier, Virginia.

Almond Gantt and Nancy Bramblett Gantt had eight children; 6 boys and 2 girls. My third great grandfather was their sixth child and fourth son.
Martin Van Buren Gantt
1 Martin Gantt
Martin Gantt was born in 1816 in Laurens, South Carolina. In 1834, Martin married my 3rd great grandmother, Sarah ‘Sally’ Thomason. Sarah was born in 1817, South Carolina. Martin Gantt and Sarah Thomason Gantt had seven children; 4 boys and 3 girls. According to U. S. Census Records, the family moved to Saline, Arkansas between 1870 and 1877. Sarah passed away in 1877, Saline, Arkansas.

Martin married his second wife, Mary Thomas, on October 2, 1877 in Saline, Arkansas. They had one daughter together.

Martin passed away on May 10, 1882 in Saline, Arkansas.

Documentation will be on tomorrow’s post.

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