Daily Prompt: Blogger in a Strange Land

Daily Prompt: Blogger in a Strange Land
by michelle w. on October 12, 2013

What’s the strangest place from which you’ve posted to your blog? When was the last time you were out and about, and suddenly thought, “I need to write about this!”?
I am so boring. I don’t remember posting to my blog from anywhere other than home. Even if I remember to take my laptop with me to my daughter’s, I can’t seem to get my thoughts together enough to do a literate post. Something about losing an hour in the time change, turns my brain into a puddle of mud.
Then there is the fact that when I’m babysitting, my sole attention is on my grandson. At 12 weeks old, he has come to expect nothing but my full attention, when I’m there.
I didn’t take my laptop with me, this past time, because I thought I was going to stay one night, but it turned into two nights. I had access to my daughter’s laptop, but didn’t have my files and documents; without them I am lost.
I was outside yesterday morning at her home and thought of some good things to write about. A lot of it had to do with yesterday’s Daily Prompt, but my mind was still mushy, from losing an hour plus only getting 6 hours of sleep. I am going back to it this morning, Home Sweet Home at last, and try to gather my thoughts from yesterday morning.

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