The Cursed City by Xunaira J. – A Book Review

The Cursed City – A Book Review
1 Cursed City The
The Cursed City
by Xunaira J.

Amazon Book Description

For those who love fantasies.
The City of Sweetbriar has been cursed by the wicked witch out of her spite and jealousy. There is darkness everywhere and its been ages since the inhabitants of the city has seen an outsider. The downfall of the town has been due to one unfortunate evening.
Little Ali, born on the day of the curse, subjected to contempt and adversity, tries to free his city of the curse. Read and find out how he manages to fight the circumstances and become the Town’s Hero.

Book Review

“The Cursed City” by Xunaira J. is a fun, interesting, well written short story. Xunaira J. writes with rich descriptions of the city, characters, environment, and human values. There is adventure and magic throughout the story.
The young boy, Ali, turns into a hero, when his city needs him most. “The Cursed City” is fast paced and full of suspense.
I really enjoyed reading it and I can imagine reading it to my grandchildren as they grow up. I’m sure they will enjoy the story as much as I do.

I was provided with a PDF of this story for an honest review.

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