The Circle Game by Jaye Viner – Book Review

1 Circle Game The
The Circle Game
by Jaye Viner

The Circle Game by Jaye Viner


Kale Fauche Jr. believes in the American Dream. He’s devoted to helping improve the lives of others, including his girlfriend Laura, a minimum wage worker with otherwise little hope of getting ahead.
But when his ex, Carolyn, attends one of his rallies, memories of Kale’s old life resurface. Carolyn draws him back to the days when he railed against the empty promises and false hopes of an economic system designed to do exactly the opposite of what he now proclaims. As his faith falters, Kale must decide which of his two lives serves the truth. And what his decision will cost.

Book Review

Jaye Viner’s novella, The Circle Game, is a well written satire attacking the American Dream. The story begins with the main character, William Kale Fauche Jr., already riding the downward slope from success to failure. Kale is trying to scratch and claw his way back up and desperately trying to believe once again.
The Circle Game takes the reader into Kale’s head where the reader reads Kale’s thoughts, his doubts, and his fears. All the characters are well-rounded and suck the reader right into their worlds.
The author tells the reader, “History is circular. And so are human beings. We gain only to lose and we find what was important by gaining it back again.”
Ulterior motives and Realizations.
The Circle Game will make you think like you’ve never thought before. I highly recommend it!

I received a PDF copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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