October Ancestry Challenge 2013: Ancestor #4

1 Ancestry Challenge October

Ancestor #4

My 4th paternal great grandfather was the first in my direct descendant line to move into Alabama. Ezekiel Beam, son of John Beam and unknown wife, was born in Fairfield County, South Carolina in 1790. He was the second child of seven and the second son.
Ezekiel is mentioned in the Will of John Beam. (See ‘Will of John Beam’ under my previous post of Ancestor #3.) My guess is that he used his inheritance money to move to Alabama. He owned several plots of land in Madison, Alabama.
According to the 1830 U. S. Census, Ezekiel and his unknown wife were living in Madison, Alabama, along with their 7 children.
The 1840 U. S. Census shows Ezekiel still living in Madison, Alabama along with 7 children. No wife is mentioned.
In 1841, Ezekiel married Lettie Compton and moved to Marshall, Alabama. Ezekiel and Lettie had 4 children together, 2 boys and 2 girls.
Ezekiel passed away on January 1, 1848 in Marshall County, Alabama at the age of 58.
The 1850 U. S. Census shows Lettie (widow) living in Marshall County, Alabama with her four young children. An Alabama State Census, in 1866, shows Lettie still living in Marshall County. At some point, she either married an unknown Armstrong or went back to her maiden name, (Father and Mother are unknown). Was Compton her maiden name or was she married and widowed before marrying Ezekiel?
The 1870 U. S. Census shows Lettie (widow?) living in Marshall County, Alabama with two of her children. The 1880 U. S. Census lists Lettie as widowed, keeping house, and living with a daughter in Marshall County, Alabama. Sometime after the 1880 U. S. Census, Lettie passed away.
Some of Ezekiel and Lettie’s children moved into Jackson County, Alabama and are now called the Jackson County Beam’s.

Documents for Ezekiel Beam
1830 United States Federal Census
1840 United States Federal Census
Family Data Collection – Individual Records
U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900
U.S. General Land Office Records, 1796-1907

Documents for Lettie Compton Beam Anderson
1850 United States Federal Census
1870 United States Federal Census
1880 United States Federal Census
Alabama State Census, 1820-1866
U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900

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  1. Zeke and Lettie! Love those names. My maternal 2nd great grandmother was Martha Lettie, and I always wondered where Lettie came from. I later found her grandmother was Lettie Potts. What an awesome name! If I had to change my name, I’d go with Lettie Potts. Well, now I just blew my Witness Protection Program cover, didn’t I? On another subject, Zeke probably got land for cheap from the gov’t as they were trying to settle the Indian territory in AL and MS from 1800 to 1830. I bet if you look at all the neighbors in the Fairfield County area, they will be the same in Madison.They seemed to move in groups.


      1. I’m not really concerned with her brick wall. She wasn’t my 4th great-grandmother. Ezekiel’s first wife, unknown, was my 4th great-grandmother. We used to have her listed as Matilda Sanford, but supposedly she married an Ezekiel Beam from the John Teeter Beam line. They are the ones that started and still own (I think) Jim Beam Whiskey.


      2. LOL Yes and I had a lot of information on Matilda Sanford. I was heart-broken to find that none of it was so. Oh well, back to the drawing board. I haven’t had time to work on my genealogy as much since I started blogging. Thank you for hosting the October Ancestry Challenge. It is opening up a lot of lost lines and brick walls that I had just given up on. 🙂


    1. I don’t want it to end. This challenge has forced me to face some of the brick walls I had gave up on. Now, I’m invigorated to go and see what I might find.
      I enjoy your posts, too. Have a great weekend! 🙂


      1. I hear you. I started writing one of my posts, and realized something was missing. I ended spending the whole day on genealogy to figure it out before I could finish the post! LOL.

        Enjoy your weekend, too! 🙂


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