October Ancestry Challenge 2013: Ancestor #2

1 Ancestry Challenge October

Ancestor #2

My 6th paternal great grandfather was Albert Beem. Albert was the first, in my direct paternal line, to leave New York. He moved to Rowan County, NC in 1753, according to “Granville Dist. of NC 1748-1763, Abstracts of Land Grants, Vol. I, p. 107.
Albert met, and later married, Sarah Halsey or Halsell (probably Halsell since there were some Halsell’s living in the same area, at the time). The couple married in 1755 at South Carolina. The couple lived in South Carolina until their deaths. Albert Beem passed away in October of 1798 at Fairfield, Chester, South Carolina. Sarah passed away in 1803 at Fairfield, South Carolina.
From “Pioneers of Fairfield County, South Carolina”
Albert Beem moved to Rowan Co. NC in 1753, according to “Granville Dist. of NC 1748-1763, Abstracts of Land Grants, Vol. I, p. 107.
There are records of land purchased by Albert Beem in 1766 in Fairfield Co. SC. He settled on Beaver Creek and McClures Creek, SC. A memorial tax return was made in Charleston, SC on May 8, 1771 for 200 acres of land on Beaver Creek. Edrington’s History states that the Beems were among the early settlers on Beaver and McClures Creeks. They moved upon the Chinquapin lands of Chester and Fairfield Co.
The Beems, Mobleys, Wagners and Fiesters (Feaster) were early settlers. Also in the same general location were the Hills, Turners, Halsells and Meadors. All of these people lived in the same area of Little River, called Bower’s Mill Creek and all received Land Memorials. “When the Colemans came to Fairfield, they settled on Beaver Creek. They found the Wagners Beems and Mobleys already there. There was intermarriage with these families. The Beems came from Germany, the Wagners from Holland, and the Mobleys from England.

Albert Beem’s Will
Heirs of Albert Beam: his grandchildren, Ferdinan Beem, Edith Beem, Nancy Beem (Coleman) and her husband, David Coleman, sell for $250.00 all their rights to the estate of their grandfather, Albert Beem, to Robert Fitz Coleman. The document also names Albert Beem’s children as “sons John, Jesse, Albert & William as well as daughters, Edith (Coleman), Mary (Coleman), Sarah (Coleman), Dorcas, & Elijah.”
Recorded in Deed Bk. Y, pp. 326 to 328, 1817 Fairfield Co. SC

Albert and Sarah had nine children: 5 boys and 4 girls. Five of Albert and Sarah’s children stayed in South Carolina, two went to Georgia, one went to Alabama, and one went to Texas.
One of their sons married a Coleman. Two of their daughters married a Coleman. One son and one daughter married a Meador. One son married a Mobley. Two sons married ‘unknown’ and one daughter did not marry at all.

On the 1790 United States Federal Census, there are no slaves listed for Albert Beem.


1790 United States Federal Census

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Ederington’s history of Fairfield County, South Carolina

Heads of Families at the First Census of the United States Taken in the Year 1790: South Carolina

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