Daily Prompt: What a Twist?

Daily Prompt: What a Twist! by michelle w. on September 9, 2013 Tell us a story — fiction or non-fiction — with a twist we can’t see coming. ~~~~~~~~ Jill was very tired. She had worked twelve hour days for the past six weeks; Monday through Saturday. Jill loved her job as a Senior Accountant... Continue Reading →

Aromatherapy Tip of the Day: September 9, 2013

Today’s Aromatherapy Tip of the Day: September 9, 2013 is Women’s Balancing Body Oil Recipe If you are experiencing Unbalanced Hormones, Fluid Retention, Menstrual Cramps, Irregular Menstruations, PMS, and/or Hot Flashes and other symptoms of menopause, this Women's Balancing Body Oil Recipe can help. What you will need: Glass Measuring Cup (To be used for... Continue Reading →

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