Aunt Mary’s Rose – Book Review

Aunt Mary’s Rose
Written by Douglas Wood
Illustrated by LeUyen Pham
1 Aunt Mary's Rose

Book Description by

A best-selling author and illustrator team up to cultivate a heartwarming, true story of a family linked through time by the tending of a beloved rosebush.
Aunt Mary has a very special rosebush in her garden. She says a little bit of Douglas can be found inside it. And she tells him how the rosebush has a little bit of Douglas’s daddy in it as well. And a little bit of his daddy’s daddy. And, of course, a little bit of Aunt Mary. Douglas Wood’s tender memoir is complemented by LeUyen Pham’s charming and engaging illustrations. Together they show how caring for a treasured rosebush provides a connection between generations, and an enduring expression of attentiveness and familial love.


In “Aunt Mary’s Rose by Douglas Wood, the author, tells a comforting story of family, generations, love, and traditions. It tells about the trial and tribulations of 5 generations living on a farm and tending a Rose Bush. The Rose Bush helps the family through despair, The Great Depression, grief, and World War II.
Aunt Mary tells the story to her young great-nephew, Douglas, to help him understand about the Rose Bush. She tells Douglas about her daddy helping his daddy plant the Rose Bush on the farm. Her daddy asked her to help with the Rose Bush when she was a young girl. He said, “If you take care of something, a little bit of you begins to grow inside of it, and a little bit of it grows inside of you.”
Aunt Mary goes on to tell Douglas how his father and uncle had come to the farm to stay when they were young boys. She had taught both of them to care for the Rose Bush.
The family had to sell the farm during the Great Depression, but they dug up the Rose Bush and moved it with them to a house in town.
“Aunt Mary’s Rose” is beautifully illustrated by LeUyen Pham. It is a delightful read for all ages.
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