Daily Prompt: Freaky Friday

Daily Prompt: Freaky Friday
by michelle w. on August 16, 2013

You experience your own Freaky Friday, and switch bodies with someone you love/hate. Tell us what happens.


The first one that comes to mind is one I should not write at this time. I am still too angry to be spouting off at the mouth something that I could regret later. Let’s search for another one…This is a hard prompt for me. Let’s make it something lighthearted, shall we.
I’m going to change bodies with, one of my favorite author’s, Anne Rice.
I opened my eyes to the bright California sunshine. This was going to be a blast. I only had one day and I wanted to make each second count. Who had time to lie in bed? Surely not Anne Rice. I reached for my robe and slippers while taking in all the beauty and comfort of the bedroom. I hurried to the bathroom, while trying to get used to Anne’s much smaller body. It was when I looked into the mirror that it all became a reality.
After my shower, I looked for some comfortable casual clothing and shoes. I settled on a pair of khaki knee shorts, a black and white striped, short-sleeve camp shirt, a pair of black socks, and a pair of light brown, New Balance walking shoes.
Just as I was heading to the door, someone knocked softly and opened the door. A woman, entered the bedroom, carrying a breakfast tray. She seemed taken aback that I was already out of bed and dressed for the day. I smiled at her.
“Miss Anne? I was just bringing your breakfast tray. I didn’t know that you had changed plans.”
“No bother. I decided to do a bit of walking today.” I replied.
“Walking? Wouldn’t you rather I call Murphy to bring the car around?”
“Yes! That’s a wonderful idea. Tell him I would like to go to the beach today.”
The woman looked at me as if I had two heads, while she made the call to Murphy. I, nonchalantly, walked out of the bedroom and down the stairs. I could smell that the kitchen was to my right, so I turned left. It didn’t take me long to find what I was looking for.
A young lady was sitting at the front office desk, chatting away on the phone. She handed me some notes, as I entered my office. There was some coffee, so I poured a cup and sat down at my desk. I took a sip of my coffee and nearly swallowed my tongue. Yes, it was that good. I glanced over the notes, decided they were not important, and laid them on the desk. I sat reveling in the coffee.
The secretary walked in, carrying yet more notes, and was talking so fast that I couldn’t understand a word she was saying. I held both hands up in front of my face. Once she had ceased her chatter, I spoke.
“Cancel all of my appointments for today. I’m taking the day off.”
Before she had time to gather her thoughts and reply, I was out the door looking for Murphy and the car. I was astounded when I saw the limousine. I hadn’t intended to draw attention to myself, but why not? Murphy was standing by the door waiting for me to enter the vehicle.
“Murphy, kind sir, I would like to go to the beach, but we must make a stop at WalMart first.” I said.
Now, Murphy looked at me like I had two heads.
“As you wish, Ms. Anne.”
As I had first gotten into the car, I remembered I did not have a beach bag with me. While in WalMart, I purchased a beach bag, beach towel, sunglasses, sun hat, sunblock, and a disposable camera. I did have the forethought of going through Anne’s purse earlier, but all I took from it was $20 in cash, a WalMart credit card, and a Visa credit card.
When I got back to the limousine, Murphy asked me which beach I wanted to go to.
“The nearest one will do,” I replied.
It took close to an hour to get to the beach, but I still had plenty of time. I walked the beach, snapping pictures. I sat and watched children play. I even took off my socks and shoes and walked through the ocean water, gathering shells as I went. I wondered if I would be able to take them back with me. I watched the sunset, which was beautiful and sad.
I wondered what kind of day poor Anne had in my body. Once I had awoken and seen that California Sun, that was all I could think of; I’m in California! I want to see it all! I had forgotten all about being Anne Rice for the day and seeing what it was like to be a famous author. Oh well, what is will be. Maybe I will get to do that in my own body someday.
Before I went to bed, I put what was left of the $20 and the credit cards back in Anne’s purse. I crawled into the big comfy bed holding tightly to the disposable camera with one hand, and the treasured seashells with the other.
I left Anne a note with my name, address, and phone number, just in case.


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