Post Your Links Here To Promote Yourself and Your Blog!

Promote Yourself!

Read the following message from Lorraine. If you are interested, follow the link at the bottom of this post.


Post Your Links Here To Promote Yourself and Your Blog!

Promotions, Still Learning, Thanks Goes Out To…, Twitter usage, What I Have Learned August 13, 2013

Message from Lorraine Marie Reguly

Welcome, everyone!

I’d like to invite you to post your links to your blogs by doing so in the comment section of this post! I’d also like you to post your Twitter handle, too! (If you are on Twitter, that is!) You might gain some new followers if you do! (I’ve been meeting a lot of new and interesting people lately, and am growing my followers bit by bit! I’m getting good at tweeting properly, relevantly, and usefully, too!) Here is my current Twitter pic:
1 Lorraine

In a few sentences, tell us what your blog(s) is(are) about (I know many of you are like myself and write more than one blog) and what you offer others on your website or blog. Don’t forget to include your urls, and your Twitter handle, so that we may all follow and connect with those we find interesting!

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  1. Thanks for the re-blog! 🙂 But I don’t understand it… Do you want people to post on your blog or on mine? Hmmm.


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