Daily Prompt: Your Life, the Book

Daily Prompt: Your Life, the Book
by michelle w. on July 13, 2013

From a famous writer or celebrity, to a WordPress.com blogger or someone close to you — who would you like to be your biographer?

My youngest daughter knows me best; inside and out. She would be the one to write my biography. She might need a little help, from her older sister, on the earlier parts. Both of them know my childhood.
Yes, my daughters definitely should be the ones to write my story.
1 Me and My Daughters
My oldest Daughter, Me, My youngest Daughter (Made at my youngest Daughter’s Baby Shower on July 28, 2013)

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  1. Congrats to your youngest daughter – I think. The date you gave was July 28, 2013 – not sure if that’s suppose to be due date or if typo in month or year.

    I only have one son (11 yrs) but I imagine having your (generically speaking) kids write your Biograohy would be quite interesting to see what they come up with.



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