Daily Prompt: The Natural World

Daily Prompt: The Natural World
by michelle w. on June 30, 2013

Describe your first memorable experience exploring and spending time in nature. Were you in awe? Or were you not impressed? Would you rather spend time in the forest or the city?

When I was about 7-years-old, my family bought a house with a rather large yard. The house sat at the bottom, near the street. The yard, on the left side of the house sloped up, and up, and up… Then there were woods as far as I could see. I called it a forest.
I have always been an outside girl. I had to explore that forest. I remember the first time I explored the forest. Just a little piece into the woods was a large rock formation. To my young imaginative eyes, it looked like a dinosaur sitting on his haunches, so I called him my Dinosaur Rock.
I spent many hours, sitting on top of the Dinosaur Rock, reading, writing, or just thinking, (I didn’t know the proper term: meditation, at that time). Sometimes, I would explore deep into the forest, looking at plants, and watching the animals. I was definitely in awe; still am when I get a chance to hike a trail or explore a woody area on my own. Even just sitting outside of my house, I can fancy a forest real easy, with all the pine and oak trees, and the many varieties of birds that visit the area near the lake. I see rabbits often and have seen a few deer.
I was devastated when we sold the house and moved 50 miles away. I’ve never forgotten the 6 years I spent growing up and exploring nature.
I am and was so blessed.


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