For the Promptless – Logomania

For The Promptless – S. 2, E. 7 – Logomania

Wednesday, June 26, 2013
Logomania is defined as an obsessive interest in words or, alternatively, excessive and often incoherent talking.

“I just talked and talked, unstoppably, as if possessed by logomania.”
– Imre Kertész; Kaddish for a Child Not Born; Hydra Books; 1997.

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Myrtle 1956

I’m going to have to tell a tale about my maternal grandmother for this prompt. My mom’s mom was a great lady. She loved reading and writing. She always read stories to me when I would stay with them; which was quite a lot. Some she would recite to me from memory. As I got older, she would give me vocabulary words to look up and then she would quiz me on them.
She had a Webster’s Dictionary that was never far from her side. You could find her in the afternoons, after all house work was done, sitting in the front porch swing reading her dictionary. She would read and study. She wanted to know the correct pronunciation, and would often correct me if I mispronounced a word. She would get her dictionary and show me, then make me say it correctly several times; until she felt like I had it.
She knew all the root words and from whence they came. She knew the different meanings and when to correctly use the word according to it’s different meanings. She may have been poor, but she was a well spoken lady. She read her Bible, but read the Dictionary more.
She passed in 1994. The family was feuding at the time and nobody had any in-put into her burial arrangements, except her only son. I was too tore up to notice, but I bet they buried her with her Bible. That’s fine, but I would have added her Dictionary.

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  1. A sad aspect about today’s world is the lack of time, intention and lifestyle to gather together to to relate and listen to stories. Folks sitting together find it more interesting to play with their phones and handheld devices rather than speak to each other. What could be done to bring back the passion of storytelling into our lives?



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