Summer Lore from

1 Sunrise

The Sun, as common, went abroad,
The flowers, accustomed, blew,
As if no soul the solstice passed
That maketh all things new.
–Emily Dickinson (1830–86)

Enjoy Life!

It’s summertime—time to sit out on the porch and rock for a while. Rocking soothes the soul, comforts aching bones, and sets our thoughts adrift.

Ben Franklin extolled the merits of the rocking chair in the 1780s. By the early 19th century, Americans were making many types of rockers. Several U.S. presidents made history with their rocking chairs: Abraham Lincoln was assassinated while he sat in a rocking chair, William McKinley planned his presidential campaign from his porch rocker, and John F. Kennedy brought the rocking chair to the Oval Office.

A porch with a rocker or two is a friendly and welcoming place. But more than that, a rocking chair invites us to slow down, relax, and enjoy life. Rock on!
1 Rocking Chair
Sincerely, The Old Farmer’s Almanac

Weather Lore

Clover contracts its leaves at the approach of a storm.

If corn husks are thicker than usual, a cold winter lies ahead.

If flowers keep open all night, the weather will be wet the next day.

Lightning in the south
Is a sure sign of drought.

The faster a cricket chirps, the warmer the temperature.

Bees will not swarm,
Before a near storm.

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