Midsummer Lore

O summer day, surpassing fair,
With hints of heaven in earth and air.
–Eben Eugene Rexford (1848–1916)


Celebrate Summer

Summer begins with the solstice at 12:04 A.M. (Central Standard time) on June 21. Although Midsummer Day, June 24, occurs only a few days after the solstice, to the farmer it was the midpoint of the growing season, halfway between planting and harvesting, and therefore an occasion for celebration.

1 Summer Bonfire

Midsummer Eve bonfires and dancing around the Midsummer pole are old customs still observed around the world today.

1 Midsummer Eve Party

Summer Folklore and Verse

Deep snow in winter, tall grain in summer.–Estonian proverb

When the summer birds take their flight, goes the summer with them.

If it rains on Midsummer’s Eve, the filbert crops will be spoiled.–Unknown

One swallow never made a summer.

Easterly winds from May 19 to the 21 indicate a dry summer.

If there are many falling stars during a clear summer evening, expect thunder. If there are none, expect fine weather.

Midsummer Eve and Midsummer Day are considered sacred to lovers.

On Midsummer Eve, pick seven different wildflowers, then walk home silently and backward. Place the flowers under your pillow and dream of your future husband.

Salt thrown in the bonfire wards off bad luck.

Carry a torch on Midsummer Eve to dispel evil.

Faerie Ring  www.ofearna.us.jpg I

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