Daily Prompt: Four Stars

Daily Prompt: Four Stars
by michelle w. on June 6, 2013

Write a review of your life — or the life of someone close to you — as if it were a movie or a book.

My Life in Review

Never a very happy childhood, turned into Post Traumatic Stress Disorder when my younger brother was killed. I carried a lot of anxiety, depression, and guilt for around forty years, before being diagnosed with PTSD. During that time, I had gotten pregnant and married at the age of seventeen, and was a mom at eighteen. I attempted college, several times, before giving up on a Bachelor’s in Creative Writing and earned a simple Associate’s Degree in Human Services.
I spent twenty years married to an alcoholic while making a living and raising my two daughters. I was a broken-down, burnt-out woman when my 2nd husband found me. He picked me up, held me, and slowly brought back, at least a little of the woman that I was. After fourteen years of marriage, I can finally say, I’m happy and content.
Mine is not a rag to riches story, but merely a strong woman breaking and being put back together again, piece by piece.


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  1. Having a very traumatic childhood as well I can understand the many obstacles that one might experience in life . Although , I can’t tell you for sure that I know exactly what you gone or are going through , I can reassure you that I feel very close to everyone that is or has gone through emotional pain , because that person represents the essence of me …blessings .


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