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Do you take vitamins or supplement to sustain your good health?
No, I just try to eat healthy and get plenty of sunshine. If I feel a cold coming on, I will take Golden Seal Extract for a few days. I do drink herbal tea, mostly Chamomile, to help with anxiety and nervousness.

Do you do exercise regularly to maintain your good health?
I do what my health will let me do. I do some yoga and walking and/or gardening most days and housework every day.

Are you concern about your food intake in order to maintain your good health?
Yes, I’m a diabetic and have to watch my food intake closely.

How much time do you spend to safeguard your healthy body?
An hour or two a day.

How about your mind? Are you doing anything to safeguard your mind?
I’m on several prescription medications and see my therapist and psychiatrist regularly.

Have you ever think about it?
Yes, it has been an ongoing problem for several years.

How to reduce anger, greedy, fear, worry, tension, jealous, ignorant, doubt, arrogant and others in your mind?
I’m sure my medications helps a lot, but I do practice meditation.

Please spend sometime with yourself, be total relax and total silence, you’ll enjoy the freedom of your mind.
I do a lot of this. I prefer to be alone in the quiet.

All wrong-doing arises because of mind. If mind is transformed can wrong-doing remain?
No, I don’t think so.

By Buddha

One of the best way is to take a nature walk, be with yourself and the nature.
I love doing taking nature walks.

Look at the nature, your mind will be calm, peace and serenity.
I am lucky to be surrounded by nature.

The best moment in your life!
Yes, it is!

1 Beautiful Yellow Flowers
Look at the beautiful yellow flowers! How peaceful!
1 Clover
Be mindfulness! The green lovely leaves are just under your walkway…ALIVE!
1 Sunset
Beautiful sunset! The source of energy! How warm!
1 Blue Sky
Blue Sky and white clouds.. The simplest thing is the most precious thing in life! Appreciate all good moment in life!
2 Trees
2 trees join together…Amazing! So artistic!
1 Bird
A bird was singing a “Good Nite” song. Let’s start ANEW everyday!

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