Booking through Thursday – Ideal


Booking Through Thursday

I want you to think about your ideal reading experience. Think about the location. (Your bed? Favorite chair? The beach? Indoors or outdoors?). Think about the sounds. (Is there music playing? Happy children playing in the background? Utter silence?) Is there a snack or beverage nearby? Are you alone or with friends/family (presumably being quiet enough for you to read in peace)? What kind of lighting is there? Are you dressed in something ultra-comfy? What’s your position? Curled up? Stretched out?
Now … describe it so that we can all feel exactly how perfect it is … and why.

I love to read in my recliner. It is relaxing and beneficial to have my feet up. The birds are chirping and twittering. I always have a bottle of water near me. There is a lamp positioned behind my right shoulder. Most of the time, my husband is with me, but being quiet enough for me too read in peace. Dressed in a T-shirt and shorts, I’m comfortably stretched out in my recliner. Ah, this is the life! 🙂

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