Daily Prompt: The Next Big Thing

Daily Prompt: The Next Big Thing
by michelle w. on May 25, 2013

What will the next must-have technological innovation be? Jetpacks? Hoverboards? Wind-powered calculators?

I had to cheat a bit and ask my husband for ideas on this prompt. I am technologically illiterate. According to my husband, the next must-have technological innovation will be ‘Brain Wave Activated Computer Software’ or ‘BWACS’ for short.
‘BWACS’ will be wired with a wire from your computer to a headband on your head. Eventually, it will be wireless. Once you sit down in front of your computer, you will not have to speak or type anything; all you will have to do is think. For example: You want to check your email, just think email and ‘BWACS’ will take you to your email account. If you wish to reply to an email; just think what you want to say.
Another example: If you want to search ‘How to Build a Chicken Coop’, just think it and ‘BWACS’ will bring up ‘search results’ for you.
You will use the same commands you use with a voice activated system, but instead of saying the words, with ‘BRACS’ all you have to do is think the words. This will not only apply to computers, but will apply to any electronic device, including: Cell Phones, Televisions, MP3 Players, and more.
According to my husband, this would be his ‘dream come true’; to sit on the couch and think of which football game he wants to watch.


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  1. Sounds cool, but I’m sure a system like this wouldn’t work for me – my mind is always all over the place. If it were plugged into such a system there’s no telling what could happen!


  2. At present I am able to access all knowledge I want through my own mind … I do not need to be connected to a computer …. its a methodology of connecting to God through my MasterMind .. after that the sky’s the limit. Imagine what a writer you would be .. if fantastic ideas were shared to your mind.


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