Childhood Vs Adult May 23, 2013

Booking Through Thursday

Have your reading habits changed since you were a child? (I mean, I’m assuming you have less time to read now, but …) Did you devour and absorb books when you were 10 and only just lightly read them now? Did you re-read frequently as a child but now only read new books? How about types of books? Do you find yourself still attracted to the kinds of books you read when you were a kid?

I started reading and absorbing books when I was 8 years old. I loved reading biographies of famous people. I re-read a lot of them as a child and would probably re-read them again if I could find them. During my twenties, I read a lot of romance; Harlequin Novels, and more. I got burnt out on romance and moved on. Now, I prefer fiction; mysteries, horror, paranormal, YA, and fantasy, (just to name a few).
I still love reading children’s books. I read them to my daughters, and am reading them to my grandchildren. I hope to pass my love of reading, and writing, on to one or more of my grandchildren.
I’ve got to brag a little bit. 🙂 Yesterday was Awards Day at my two oldest granddaughter’s school. My oldest got an Honorable Mention from an Essay Writing Contest, an All A’s Award, Good Citizenship Award, and an Indian Education Award.
My middle granddaughter received an All A’s Award, Good Citizenship Award, Indian Education Award, and an Award for reading the most books for her grade.
I’m a Proud Grandma!

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