Photo of the Week: 7

Photo of the Week: 7
Posted by Project FireStarter on April 27, 2013

Hey Firestarters!

How are you today? I hope you’re making the best out of this amazing Saturday afternoon! Today I have an amazing piece by Kyle Brock called ‘Light from Above‘

Kyle Brock is a phenomenal artist, doing mostly pieces of nature, he brings together beautiful colors with an expert eye for detail. Without a doubt Kyle is an amazing artist for being able to evoke such emotions such as excitement and joy to sadness and darkness. This particular picture (Light from Above) makes me feel adventurous, happy and alive. I love these types of pictures, it makes me fell really connected with nature.

How does this photo make you feel? Do you enjoy seeing photos like this? Leave a comment below if you want to share you’re thoughts and feelings!
I find the picture reminiscent of Fall, (death and dying), but the green in the background signals everlasting life. Opposites? Contrast? The bright yellows and the wonderful waterfall of light brings joy and hope to my heart. Perhaps, that even through death, life is reborn.

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