Daily Prompt: Success!

Daily Prompt: Success!
by michelle w. on May 8, 2013

Tell us about a time where everything you’d hoped would happen actually did.

Man, the one time I have a lot to say about a subject, the Daily Prompt limits me to a time. So, I guess I will tell the most important, actually 3 of the most important. See, I just can’t stay with a time.
My oldest daughter, birthed her three daughters, using all natural birthing techniques. I was able to be there for each birth. All three births went smoothly. As I said, I was blessed enough to have seen all three poke their heads, then their wrinkly, little bodies out. I was even blessed by being the one to get to cut the cord on my middle granddaughter!
I cried all three times, from joy and from the miracle that is a birth; a continuation of life. I was simply amazed at my daughter! I had a long, hard three day labor with her. With the first one, she barely grunted, she just stayed focused and completed the job at hand, no whimpers or nothing. Made me a bit sick, but proud anyway. There was no way to help being proud. She just ‘spit’ that baby out.
The second one was not as easy for her, a little groaning and her legs shook from the exhaustion, but she persevered. The third was much like the first. I might have heard a groan or two, but overall it was a very easy birth.
I could go on with my 4th, 5th, and soon to be 6th, but having already overstepped the ‘a time’ limit, I will hush now. 🙂
Well, I just have to add that I’m very blessed and very thankful!

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  1. Ahhh, that is so nice that you could be there! I was fortunate enough to have my mom there too and she was able to take photo’s (seeing that I was out cold). Each one of them are precious in their own way! PS I am sure no-one will complain about you having “overstepped” on the time limit.


  2. I don’t blame you for wanting to share all of those births! You are fortunate indeed. We are still only imagining what grandchildren will be like. No doubt there’ll be some, but my boys are definitely not in any hurry. We are waiting patiently.


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