Hope everyone is having a Mellow Yellow Day! No bright yellow sunshine here today. It is raining again for the umpteenth time. Getting close to flood stage and we may have to build a yellow ark! There are some flash floods going on, but when the lake floods, we’ve got real problems!

Ark Yellow www.carolina-playsets.com I
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Good thing is the rain will help the lovely flowers grow, and when they bloom, the butterflies will come; Yellow Butterflies!

Butterfly Eastern Tiger Swallowtail www.flickr.com I
Courtesy of http://www.flickr.com via Yahoo Images

Here in Alabama the Beautiful, our state butterfly is the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail. This butterfly was proclaimed Alabama’s State Butterfly in 1989.

Butterfly Female www.nhptv.org
Courtesy of http://www.nhptv.org via Yahoo Images

The Eastern Tiger Swallowtail is found throughout the Eastern U. S. and Canada. The familiar yellow with black stripes are the male of the species. The female tends to camouflage herself and are usually brown or black.

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