Prompts for the Promptless – Remake

To remake is to make anew or in a different form.

Suggested Prompts:
•Share a picture of something/someone remade
•Share a project that remakes something into something else
•… or make up your own prompt related to the theme

I remember sitting, watching, and helping my grandmother’s make quilts. My job was usually cutting strips or squares to make a pattern. Back then, when an article of clothing had been made, took up to fit, or let out to fit, and was no longer usable, (as an article of clothing), they would be placed into a quilting pile.
From these worn out, discarded articles of clothing, strips and squares were cut and sewn together to make quilt tops. Quilts were a necessary item back then, not a showcase piece.
When my grandmother’s were lucky enough to afford a piece of material to make a new dress, or any other item, the left over scraps would be placed in the quilting pile, too. Sometimes, there were enough strips or squares to make a matching pattern throughout the quilt top, but most times, they were just a mish-mash of colors and patterns with no rhyme or rhythm.

Old Fashioned String Quilt
Old Fashioned String Quilt I
Courtesy of via Yahoo Images

Block Pattern Quilt
Block Pattern Quilt I
Courtesy of via Yahoo Images


Prompts for the Promptless

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  1. A couple of years ago a group of us old high school friends decided that we’d make a “friendship quilt “as present for our friend’s 60th Birthday. We’d each do a design or patch or two as we like (using fabric bought and supplied by one of us – to keep some harmony in colours etc) – the result was amazing


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