I made it! I’m an A-Z Challenge Survivor! Congratulations to all my fellow A-Z Challenge Bloggers that made it all the way through!
This was my first A to Z Blogging Challenge and I was determined to finish. I kept my pace slow and steady, as I only did one A-Z post a day and took Sunday’s off to recuperate. That seemed to have worked well for me.
“Hats off” to the encouraging A to Z Team. They were available, if needed, to answer questions.
Fellow Challenge Bloggers were very encouraging and supportive. I loved getting their feedback and comments. I made several Blogger friends that I will stay in contact with. Several ‘Fellow Bloggers’ shared links to helpful websites and links to good books.
I would like to name a few bloggers that were with me pretty much from the beginning. This does not diminish any of my fellow bloggers, as all were helpful.
Sharon Sant at: http://sharonsant.com/
Mel at: http://melch.wordpress.com/
Rob-bear at: http://bears-noting.blogspot.com/
Janice Heck at: http://janiceheck.wordpress.com/2013/04/30/z-is-for-zoomorphic-architecture-cats-immortalized/
Everything just came together and I was able to try my hand at several short stories, some of which will be turned into novels. I gained knowledge and self-confidence from the comments of my fellow bloggers.
The A-Z challenge was definitely a challenge, but I made it through, and that alone gives me a sense of accomplishment. At this stage of my writing career, the A-Z challenge, was just what I needed. I am very pleased to find how much I have grown in my writing during the A-Z Challenge!
I would do it again, depending on what other projects I have going on. I would highly recommend the A-Z challenge to anyone who hasn’t done it.