Z is for Zipper

A to Z April Blogging Challenge
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Z is for Zipper

Zelda was having a ‘fat day’. She couldn’t find anything to wear to work. Everything she had tried on felt tight and uncomfortable. Zelda lay down on the bed, flat of her back, to try to get her jeans to zip shut. She tugged and tugged on the zipper, but it would only zip about halfway, then fly out of her fingers back to ground zero.
Zelda was tired; her fingers were tired. She really needed to purchase some elastic pants for these kind of days. Zelda was too old to worry about style anyway. Then a light bulb came on in her head.
Zelda jumped off the bed and headed for the utility room where she found a set of wire pliers. With wire pliers in hand, Zelda once again lay on the bed. She grabbed hold of the head of the zipper with the wire pliers and tugged. It worked! Her pants zipped all the way up! Now, she just had to get up.
Zelda wiggled and wormed her way to a sitting position, but before she had a chance to stand up, the zipper popped open again, this time with the zipper head at the top. Zelda knew the zipper was ruined and would have to be replaced now. She pulled off the jeans and slung them, with disgust, across the room. She called in sick at work, crawled back in her bed, and pulled the covers over her head. This day was all zipped up.

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28 thoughts on “Z is for Zipper

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  1. I came to say Hello just in time for the finish of this challenge. But we made it! Wow! I’ve often wondered how some girls got into those tight jeans, but this sounds hugely uncomfortable! Fun end to this challenge. 🙂


    1. I just wrote it this morning. I was intending to do a piece on zipping up the A-Z, but Zelda spoke up and said, ‘I have a tale’, so Zelda it was. Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂


  2. Congrats for reaching z. I empathise with Zelda – oddly enough my ‘fat’ pants were very loose today – tried a belt but there was no back loop so that didn’t really work in keeping them up – just hoped for the best instead. Problem is I’m in-between sizes at the moment so I might do a Zelda if I downsize!


  3. Poor Zelda. I hope she can find something to put on so she can get out and buy some elastic pants. 🙂 Great story and congratulations for making it A to Z.


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