Ruby Red

Hope everyone is having a Ruby Red Day! Today, I want to talk about Cardinal’s, the common Redbird. Cardinal’s do not migrate and tend to stay in South Eastern States of the U. S. Seven U. S. States carry the Cardinal proudly as their state bird.
Cardinals are often seen eating from bird feeders. They also eat fruit, grain, insects, seeds, and sap. The males are bright red, while the females are gray/tan. Both the males and females are active songbirds. They sing a variety of melodies.

Cardinals I
Courtesy of via Yahoo Images

Cardinals are social birds and often join in flocks of a variety of species. When mating, Cardinals tend to stay in monogamous pairs. The males are aggressive and will defend their territory while the female is incubating.

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  1. I’m intrigued by Cardinals because we don’t have them here in the Pacific Northwest, or any of the western states as far as I know. So I was very surprised to “meet” my first one in Hawaii! I can’t remember the story of how they ended up there but I do remember wishing they would find their way here. They’re beautiful birds!


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