V is for Venison

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V is for Venison

We eat a lot of Venison at my house. It is cheaper than beef. Venison, wild game (usually deer), is a much cleaner and leaner food. We, (my husband and I), like the taste.
My husband is not a hunter, but several of the men, he works with, hunt for sport. They do not eat the meat, so they will take it to our local processor and tell him it is for us. The processor will call us to see how we want it fixed, then call us when it is ready. We have a lot of the meat processed into ‘ground deer’, but we enjoy ‘deer roast’, ‘deer stew’, and ‘deer sausage’. We usually purchase two to three deer, per season, in this manner.
I have a son-in-law that hunts for sport too, but we can only count on one every three years or so, from him.
You will hear a lot of people talk about soaking the meat in salt, and some other methods to take the ‘game taste’ out of the meat, but, for me, the secret is in the spices used when you cook the meat. Of course, we like the ‘game taste’, so I’m not trying to take it out, but to enhance it.
I use venison in recipes, just like I would beef. I make stews, roasts, burgers, breakfast sausage, etc… Here in the South, we enjoy breakfast for dinner, as well; nothing like some biscuits and gravy, with (venison) sausage and eggs. 🙂
It is a tradition for Native Americans to give thanks to the spirit of the deer for giving it’s life for our consumption. Essentially, all of the deer was used for the livelihood of the clans; bone, meat, skin, etc…

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  1. Hunting for sport kinda grosses me out, but I’m glad your husband’s friends at least give you guys the meat for food. I just hope they don’t mount the heads and such… please don’t tell me if they do, because that grosses me out even more.

    #atozchallenge, Kristen’s blog: kristenhead.blogspot.com


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