Happy Mellow Yellow Day! I started planting some of my flower seed last week. Spring seems to be making its stand, finally, here in North East Alabama, but winter is still hanging on by the teeth. More birds are coming to the feeders, and I told my husband we needed more birdhouses. Yellow birdhouses, of course. 🙂
So, I went looking for a pattern and design that I liked. My husband does the making and I do the decorating.

I love this one, but it looks a bit complicated.
Birdhouse Difficult
Courtesy of Yahoo Images

This one is doable, if we have all the things we need laying around somewhere. I know I have an old percolator, somewhere?
Birdhouse Coffee Pot www.solarforamerica.org
Courtesy of http://www.solarforamerica.org via Yahoo Images

I wonder if a bird would really nest in this?
Birdhouse Cat www.backyardwoodxpressions
Courtesy of http://www.backyardwoodxpressions.com via Yahoo Images

This looks like it wouldn’t be too hard to build or decorate.
Birdhouse Trailer www.etsy.com I
Courtesy of http://www.etsy.com via Yahoo Images

This may be it! The building looks very similar to the ones my husband built me years ago; the ones that need to be replaced. I love the homey, decorative work and it looks doable.
Birdhouse www.etsy.com I
Courtesy of http://www.etsy.com via Yahoo Images

Which one do you like best?

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