Daily Prompt: Companionable

Daily Prompt: Companionable
by michelle w. on April 20, 2013

Head to one of your favorite blogs. Write a companion piece to their penultimate post.

One of my favorite blogs is: http://wildersoul3.wordpress.com/
Her penultimate post: http://wildersoul3.wordpress.com/2013/04/19/rash/
“The one-liner writing prompt for today sprouted some interesting imagery! And a weird form of poem. Four lines of word association with the title ‘Rash.’ Then a turn and go backwards to ‘explain’ the meaning of each word back up to the top. It happened that way because I thought the first four lines were a bit rude sitting there on their own, saying what they said.”

I’m not sure if I can do a companionable post for this, but I will give it a try. I think I will choose a different word though.

NATURE by D. B. Mauldin (A Companionable Post to ‘Rash’ by WilderSoul

Divine knowledge of becoming one with the
Lovely development of the soul, mystic symbolism
partakes bountiful and harmonious uniformity of Nature.

What does ‘Nature’ mean to you?


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