Prompts for the Promptless: Gallows Humor

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gallows Humor is humor that makes fun of a life-threatening, disastrous, or terrifying situation
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This week’s prompt was suggested by the extraordinary SortaGinger!

Gallows Humore I
Comic courtesy of via Yahoo Images

Death by D. B. Mauldin

One gorgeous day in midsummer,
Lucy found she had a brain tumor.
She had nothing to live for anyway,
of liquor and pills she became a consumer.

All of her children had been still-born.
Her husband left her for another woman.
She got fired from her job, because
of her sickness. She ate tuna from a can.

“We can help you live another two years
with surgery and chemo,” said her doctor.
“or I can give you some pills for pain
and you might live through the summer.”

Lucy said ‘No’ to the surgery and chemo,
she didn’t want to drag it out, be sick.
She stopped to get her prescription filled,
picked up some liquor and lit a cigarette.

She sat at her kitchen table with pills,
gun, knife, smoking, and drinking liquor.
Soon she was drunk and laughing at her own
Gallows humor, then called for the Grim Reaper.

“For the Promptless”
Prompts for the Promptless

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•Share your favorite example(s) of Gallows Humor in cartoons, television, movies, or literature– and explain why it resonates with you

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