Daily Prompt: Million-Dollar Question

Why do you blog?

I love the blogging community and all the blogging friends I have made. I love to write and want to become an author. Blogging seemed a good way to get my work and name out to others. Little did I realize, that blogging would take over my world.
I’m no longer able to visit all the blogs I follow, but I try to visit all of them at least once a week. My email inbox stays full and I don’t know if I will ever get caught up with it, (if you have sent me an email and I haven’t replied to it, let me know, and I will search it out). I’m finding that I’m having to quit blogging on some of the things I was blogging on. I felt they were going nowhere and just a waste of my time.
I am a writer, first and foremost. I enjoy art and color, but have no talent in that area. I thoroughly enjoy, ‘Share Your World’ and ‘Awards’ as they help me get to know others and lets them get to know me. I enjoy ‘Daily Prompts’ and rarasaur’s ‘For the Promptless’. They give me something to write about and teach me something new.
I would dearly love to be able to write more ‘B4Peace’, ‘Happy Note’, and ‘Project FireStarter’ articles. I would also like to expand my ‘Aromatherapy’ articles. There are other writing prompts that I would like to investigate; Trifecta, etc…
Right now, I’m participating in the ‘A to Z April Blogging Challenge’ and it is keeping me busy, but I’m networking and making friends, so I want to continue with this. I’m determined to see it through to the end.
Then, I will sit back, look around, and make some changes in May.

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  1. I hear ya, im not a blogger but I am a bloggant( someone who loves to read blogs, lol) If I were you, I’d do what I enjoy, if its writing a book for example, thriller, action, romace or self help then follow that dream. & where friends are free to friend me on facebook at
    ( Londenberg Londenberg ) sincerely from the fantasy writer of LondenBerg by Lord Biron


  2. I too am a writer in the making. I started for numerous reasons but have also found the need to tweak some things so it fits with my life not taking on a life of its own. I am still learning the ropes but I think ‘managing’ everything is a common feeling amongst writers on WP.


  3. I understand where you are coming from with about blogging taking over your world! Although, I must confess mine is self-imposed since I use mine for my therapy! lol But keeping up with everyone is growing increasingly difficult. If you discover the secret to doing it “all” on WP please clue me in!!


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  5. Blogging can certainly ‘take over’, as I found out when I started this. Back then I thought updating every two days would be a reasonable goal. Not so. Now I’ve settled into once or maybe twice a week to post but I do still try to browse through my reader every couple of days.


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