Some Questions and a Plea for Ideas from my Lovely Readers and Followers

Have any of you missed the daily color prompts this week? I’m thinking of letting this part of my blog sit for awhile. I’m currently participating in the A to Z April Blogging Challenge and it has taken up a lot of my time, but the good thing is I’m learning more and more about writing. I’m basically writing a short story every day and this is definitely where I want to go with my writing. I have gained a lot of ideas for short story’s and at least 2, (if not 3), novels from participating, and we are only half way through.
I am going to try to keep posting ‘Monday Mellow Yellows’ and ‘Ruby Red Tuesday’s’, but as far as the other five days of the week, (which I just made up anyway), I’m just going to let them sit for awhile. I had been pleading to no avail for ideas and suggestions for the past 2-3 weeks. Bless dj for coming forth with 3 ideas/suggestions, but she was the only one. This led me to believe that there was just no interest in the daily color prompts. I had a lot of fun doing them, but quickly ran out of ideas to carry it on, especially when only a hand full seemed to be reading, liking, and commenting on them.
If you have ideas and/or suggestions you would like to see featured in daily color prompts, please let me know, either by putting your idea/suggestions in the comments section or emailing me directly at If you choose to email me, please put ‘Daily Color Prompts’ in the Subject Line.
Another idea, is to get some guest bloggers to come in on Wednesday – Sunday, and post anything about whatever color you choose. Same as above: comment or email, if you are interested.
Also, if you would like to see daily color prompts revived in May, let me know. If there is enough interest, I may try to start them back up. We will see where it goes?
Thanks for reading and I would appreciate your comments/suggestions.

4 thoughts on “Some Questions and a Plea for Ideas from my Lovely Readers and Followers

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  1. I had a look back through the Ruby Red colour prompts and I’ll admit that I had not read them, whether if that was because I was not following you then, or if I was at work and busy or maybe another reason I am not sure.

    Reading back through the few I looked at now, I would have red the healthy fruits one as that would have interested me but I am not sure about the others. In saying that though this is your blog to do with as you will.


      1. your welcome. Hope I did not cause offence, it was not intended, I figured rather than just not reply to your post that I reply with something that may help you make your mind up.


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