Dear Spam Followers,

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To the people who have legitimately read and found something here that appeals to them, I sincerely thank you. I have so many great “conversations” with you and I value the time that you have taken to read, like and/or comment on a post. I am slow to catch up on my reading, but I try to visit each and every subscribed reader’s blog. Sometimes I follow it as well, if I find a subject that resonates or the writing or story is compelling.

However, with spam followers – there is NO indication that they have read the blog – no corresponding likes or comments by them. I will not be visiting their sites without some evidence that they have read the blog.

I don’t do courtesy follows. If I follow your blog, I will eventually read, like or comment on your posts. To do otherwise, would skew your numbers and not be respectful of the work and time you put into writing and establishing your blog. I am one person and can only read so many blogs. I will occasionally review the list of blogs I follow and cull the ones that have gone into retreat, just posted on how to eat babies or skin kittens, or have decided to reblog on a regular basis. I try to follow blogs for original content, context and conversation.

To my fellow bloggers, I would encourage you to implement this policy as well. It discourages spam followers and maintains a level of integrity in the system.

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  1. This is great! I have run into a few of those myself! Someone finally told me that they follow simple to get their stats up…really? 🙂 Thank you for posting this.


  2. Thank you for sharing this. Jerry at recently wrote a post about fake “liking.” There are “robots” out there that are programs that run through the Reader and like thousands or more to get more views on the robot creator’s sites. I do feel this is unethical and lacks integrity, but often those driven by money will do what they will.


  3. I find so many peoples blogs or particular postings interesting and I want to support and encourage them. But I cannot realistically read everyone’s postings daily (that I am following) but that does not mean that I am not sincere in my interest in their posting or blog.
    I think people worry far too much about this topic. Write for the love and passion of it, for yourself or to get published, what ever the reason or all the reasons. Enjoy the journey and bring forth positive energy and encouragement.


  4. Except when I’m sick or on days when I’m inspecting these 10,000-square-foot houses, I usually visit 90 blogs from around the world. Since it will be anywhere from14-28 days between visits to the blogs that I following, if the blog has none or only one new blog post during that 14-28 days between visits, I mark it as inactive. At that point it only gets visited every 3-6 months unless the blogger visits me. Then I’ll do an update to see if the blogger is blogging again.

    Out of those 90 blogs that I visit each day, anywhere from 10-30 of them are inactive, have gone private, have been deleted, etc. So I really only read, comment, like about 60 blogs each day.


  5. Pity they won’t have read it.. They drive me crazy. You’re always going to get it regardless of what media you are on but I get really annoyed with them hijacking my page.


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