F is for Floater

A to Z April Blogging Challenge

Today I’m going to take the Challenge from A to Z Challenge Co-Host, Jeremy (Retro), and choose a word beginning with ‘F’ from:
The American Slang Dictionary
By: James Maitland
Chicago [1891]
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F is for Floater

It was a beautiful Saturday morning full of sunshine. Maggie was taking a walk, on the bank of the river, with her beloved German Shepherd, Freddie. Maggie had raised Freddie from a pup and he was her constant companion at work and at home. He had been through his police training several years ago.
Maggie was thankful for her days off. Her work was stressful. She put in a lot of long days. Maggie had worked hard and long to prove she could do her job. Females often had a hard time fitting in as a police officer and many quit, but Maggie had toughed it out and worked her way up to Detective in the Fairland’s K-9 Unit. She was content where she was and had no ambition to climb higher in the rank where the jobs were more paperwork. Maggie liked the action and she loved working with Freddie. She would like to work for the FBI someday, but figured that was pretty much paperwork, too.
Maggie lived, alone, in an apartment near her work. Work was her life. She visited her father and mother about once a month. Maggie’s oldest brother had followed his father’s footsteps into the Marines. Her younger brother still lived at home, working when he could find work, and living off his father and mother when he couldn’t. Maggie didn’t mind. It took the job of looking after her parents off of her hands. “Paul, her younger brother, should have been the female in the family and she should have been a male,” Maggie thought.
She had married, but the marriage lasted less than a year. Maggie hadn’t heard from, nor seen, her ex-husband since the day they signed the divorce papers.
Maggie suddenly stopped and looked up into the wooded area above the bank of the river. Freddie stopped too, but didn’t make a move or noise. He was waiting for a signal. The hairs on the back of Maggie’s neck were tingling. She had the feeling that somebody was watching her, but she couldn’t hear or see any movement in the woods. She wasn’t going to send Freddie in until she was sure there was something, or somebody, for him to find.
Maggie continued her walk, but she was no longer in her reverie, no, her whole body was on alert. Her eyes continually searched the woods. Suddenly, Freddie stopped, alerting Maggie that he had seen or smelled something that was off. Maggie looked down at Freddie and followed his eyes. She saw it too!
Maggie pulled out her cell phone and called her Head Detective, Mike.
“Mike, we’ve got a floater!” Maggie said as soon as Mike answered the phone. “I think there’s someone in the woods, too, that has been watching me, perhaps to see if I found the floater. Freddie and I are going to pursue.”
Maggie gave Mike the location of the body and ended the call. She could definitely hear rustling in the woods now. “Running,” she thought.
Maggie gave Freddie the signal and off they went in pursuit of the ‘watcher’.

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