Share Your World

Share Your World – Week 14 & 15

This week I’m combining two weeks into one week. So instead of the normal four questions, I’m only posing three questions. It is your choice to split your answers up into two weeks or combine them both in one week. ENJOY!!

Week 14

If a movie was made based on your life, what actor/actress would play you?
Kirstie Alley

Show us a couple of your favorites photographs? If you are not a photographer, think of a favorite scene in your life and tell us about them.
My favorite scene is right outside my living room’s triple pane window. The sun rises over the lake with a beautiful array of colors ranging from the deepest blue, deepest purple, to bright yellow to a white-yellow. Birds flock over the water in the lake. Fish must be plentiful this morning. I see seagulls, pelicans, and loons. It is strange to see these birds on Weiss Lake, but I’ve gotten used to them over the years. There is no wind this morning, but there is a lot of green. 🙂

What do you like most about home?
The peace and quiet that is mine for awhile. It is suppose to be a sunshiny weekend with mild temperatures. I don’t expect to see many jet skiers this weekend, but there will be a lot of fishermen out.

Week 15

What is one of your quirky traits?
Quirky? Hmm….that’s a hard one. I guess I would have to say, (skip this part if you do not want to read it), the fact that I have to use a wet washcloth or moist towelettes to wipe with after the toilet paper. Wiping with toilet paper just doesn’t leave me feeling clean.

What has surprised you about blogging?
It is harder and takes more time than I thought it would.

Which do you prefer sweet or salty? Or both at the same time?
I like both but am not supposed to have either, so I’m learning to do without.

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  1. What a beautiful scene outside your front window! I could probably never get anything done with a scene like that right outside – I’d be watching the birds all day long.


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