Prompts for the Promptless

True Cost is a term for the often-overlooked, comprehensive expense of something, including the time-related and emotional costs.

Suggested Prompts:
•Consider how taking the time to consider True Costs would be beneficial, or not, to you

I am about to have my 6th grandchild. Already having 5, (4 girls, 1 boy), I can tell you that taking the time to consider True Costs would not be beneficial to me. Maybe to the parents, but not me. 🙂 No, it is not even beneficial for the parents.
The love you feel and receive from a child or grandchild far outweighs the costs. They are a part of you. They wiggle their little hands and smile their beautiful smiles and immediately whisk you heart to new heights. Sometimes, you feel as though your heart will burst from all the love, joy, and happiness.
Oh, I know there are the technicalities. estimates that having a child in 2013 will cost approximately $13,000. This includes: Housing the greatest cost at approximately $4,670, a cost you are going to have even if you are not having a baby, right? So, that would leave us at around $10,330.
Childcare and Education come in as #2 with a cost of approximately $2,750. This is easily avoided for the first 3 to 4 years. Just let grandma babysit. She will gladly do it for free and completely negate that $2,750, leaving an approximate cost of $7,580 🙂
Listed next, they have transportation at approximately $1,780. Again, my guess would be that you would use this much getting to work, regardless of whether or not you had to take the baby to daycare, so we will negate that, which leaves us at approximately $5,800. Wow, look at that! We have already more than halved that original $13,000!
Food comes in next at approximately $1,440, which you are probably going to be spending on yourself and your partner, anyway, especially if you breast feed. I think we can negate that too, leaving us with $4,360.
Then there is clothing listed at $800. We can leave that in, although you could reduce the cost by buying second hand clothing. Especially for the baby, as he is going to be growing out of clothing pretty fast. Next is Healthcare, listed at approximately $790. You can bet you are going to use every bit of that, plus some.
Last, but not least, is Miscellaneous coming in at $1,020. I’m assuming this includes diapers, bottles, wipes, etc… You could probably eliminate some of this cost by using cloth diapers, but then you’ve got the extra water and electricity it takes to wash them. You could also save by breastfeeding, but then you are going to have the expense of a breast pump and bottles. I’m going to leave that $1,020 in as you will probably spend about that much either way you go.
Now, for the True Cost; the lost sleep, the fragile nerves, the grey hairs…..Yes, it’s worth it!
This information come from:
This is for real, go check it out, a child is considered crap now! I have to say it. “What is the world coming to?”
Prompts for the Promptless

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