Daily Prompt: Share the Love

Tell us about another blogger who has influenced your own online journey.

Just one? I don’t know if I can name just one. There were 4 that were there from the start and all of them inspired me!

One of the first bloggers I followed that had an influence on me is Andrea Badgley at: http://andreabadgley.com/about/ Her page is titled ‘Butterfly Mind’. Andrea is a creative nonfiction writer who began her wordpress blog in June 2012. She influenced me with her Haiku and her open and honest tales of her life.

Some Honorable Mentions that have been an influence on me include:
Misanthropic Muse – http://tenwordstory.wordpress.com/
Cindy Knoke – http://cindyknoke.com/i-blog-therefore-i-am/
djd – http://djdblogginghere.wordpress.com/
TwinDaddy – http://stuphblog.wordpress.com/
DJ – http://thematticuskingdom.wordpress.com/about/
Thank you all for your influence and support!

There are many more that have influenced me, but the ones mentioned have been with me since the start. Thanks to all the blogs I follow and the blogs who follow me for your influence and support. All of you have touched and/or influenced me in some way!

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Visit: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/04/05/daily-prompt-share-the-love/ for more ‘Daily Prompts’ as they are added throughout the day.

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13 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Share the Love

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  1. I am honored to have influenced you. Thank you so much! I smile every time I see your avatar. I appreciate that you have stuck with me even when I’m all over the place 😉


    1. I love reading your blogs and learn a lot from them. I may not visit as often as I used to, but I will always remember that you were among the first influential bloggers that supported me when I first starter blogging. 🙂


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