D is for Death

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D is for Death (A continuation of C is for Clairvoyance)

Katie sat quietly in trance. Bruce noticed the tears sliding down her cheeks and knew she had seen. His hands still lay limply in hers.
When Katie first let go and entered the trance, she saw the cancer eating inside of Bruce. She saw him at the hospital after his tests and then talking to the doctor. Katie heard the doctor say, “10 to 12 weeks without treatment, 4 to 6 months with treatment.”
Bruce thought it over and decided he had rather have 10 to 12 good weeks than 4 to 6 months of being sick and losing all of his hair. His doctor had agreed with Bruce’s decision and signed his release papers.
As soon as Bruce arrived home, he phoned Katie and set up a dinner date with her. Then he called the airport and arranged a one-way flight from Los Angeles to New Orleans. He didn’t even think about it. It just seemed to be the right thing to do.
Katie could feel his need, his love, all of his emotions. Time began to swing backward and she could see the two of them talking in her old kitchen. It was near the time of their parting ways and that is what they were discussing. Even though Bruce was saying they should part, she could feel his feelings and see the love pouring out of his eyes. Why hadn’t she seen it then? Would it have mattered?
Katie watched as Bruce flitted from one place to another. He taught High School English and wrote on the side. She watched as he sold his first best-seller.
Katie saw Bruce sleeping with many women and trying to settle down with the one she had thought he should marry. She could see that it was herself who kept them apart. Even if Bruce was not aware that he was still in love with her, the woman knew. She sensed Katie’s presence in his life and refused to marry Bruce.
Shortly after the break-up, Bruce sold his second novel, moved to Los Angeles, and settled down. His writing stalled. He simply could not concentrate long enough to write a novel. He turned to free-lance writing; articles and short stories. Then he went in for his yearly check-up. He hadn’t been felling well, but could not put his finger on the problem. He was talking to his doctor about it when he remembered he had been seeing some blood in his stools. Bruce hadn’t thought much about it. He figured it was just hemorrhoids. The doctor, however, thought they should do some tests to be sure.
Time flew forward again in Katie’s trance. She could see herself holding Bruce as pain wracked his body and then she saw Bruce laying in a casket. Katie couldn’t get a time frame in her vision, she could smell the jasmine, but was it this year’s jasmine, or jasmine blooming in another year?
Katie broke the trance and looked into Bruce’s eyes. She could see the love, the need, and the fear in his eyes. She squeezed his hands, then stood up and hugged him.
“I’m here for you Bruce. I will stay with you until the end,” Katie whispered into his ear as she felt his body shaking with the tears.

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