White Fruits

Hope everyone has a great White Day! This week’s theme in colors is going to be fruits. This suggestion came from dj at: http://djdblogginghere.wordpress.com/
If you have an idea or suggestion for something you would like to see featured in Colors, please comment in the comments section. I look forward to hearing from you!

Today, we are going to take a look at some White Fruits. Some of the fruits will have white pulp and/or white skin.
White symbolizes faith, innocence, and purity. The color white enhances personal integrity, clears the mind, and aids in spiritual guidance.
Despite their lack of color, white-fleshed fruits contain some powerful nutrients. For example: A banana a day can help protect against atherosclerosis, build bones, lower blood pressure, reduce depression, protects the kidney’s, and help with stomach ulcers. White Fruits contain pectin and potassium.
Fruits with White flesh/pulp and/or White skin include: Apples, Bananas, White Grapes, Pears, and many more.
Apples Red www.fanpop.com I
Photo courtesy of http://www.fanpop.com via Yahoo Images
Banana White www.colourbox.com I
Photos courtesy of http://www.colourbox.com via Yahoo Image
Grapes White www.photaki.com I
Photo courtesy of http://www.photaki.com via Yahoo Images
Pear www.blog.aicr.org
Photo courtesy of http://www.blog.aicr.org via Yahoo Images

What other White Fruits can you think of?

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