C is for Clairvoyant – Then and Now

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Katie was excited. She was having dinner with an old friend today. Katie and Bruce were ‘off and on’ lovers about 10 years ago. After a couple of years the passion between them had dwindled. They parted as friends and went their separate ways. They called each other about once a month or so just to stay in touch, but she hadn’t seen Bruce face-to-face since they had parted.
Katie was nervous. She had changed during the past 10 years; gained a little weight which made her voluptuous, but Katie considered it fat. She colored her natural brown hair to brunette to hide the grey that had started peeking through. Katie wondered if Bruce had changed, too?
Katie walked into the restaurant, three minutes late. Bruce was already there. He stood up so Katie could see him. Katie walked to the table and gave Bruce a hug. She immediately felt dizzy. Bruce was sending out some bad vibes. Katie’s vision blurred, but she managed to stop it before it started. She had learned how to shield herself as a young teenager.
As soon as her grandmother saw that she had inherited clairvoyance, she took Katie under her wing and taught her how to handle, use, and stop her clairvoyant images.
Once she felt completely shielded, she pulled back from Bruce and looked him over. Bruce had put on a few pounds too, she noticed. His hairline had receded a good bit too, but it was his pale drawn face that she noticed most.
“Wow, Katie, have you missed me that much?” Bruce asked jokingly referring to her long hug.
“Yes, yes I have,” said Katie giving him her flirtatious look.
“It has been a long time and I’ve missed you too,” said Bruce as he helped Katie settle into her chair.
Katie didn’t want to start the conversation off talking about the vibes she had gotten from him or his pale drawn face.
“What brings you to New Orleans?” she asked.
“I wanted, needed to talk with you face to face, to see you, touch you. Anyway, how is business going for you?”
“Are you kidding? Being a Clairvoyant in New Orleans brings in a pretty good living.”
“I pretty much gathered that from when we talked on the phone.”
Katie’s vision started to blur again, but she stopped it again. The waiter came and they placed their orders.
Bruce was staring off into space. He looked like he was in deep thought. Katie wondered if she should break his reverie or leave him to his thoughts?
Finally Bruce looked at her. “I would really love to see your house,” he said.
“Bruce, are you in some kind of trouble? Do you need a place to stay? What’s going on?”
“No, no, nothing like that. I would just like to see your home and visit with you a bit, maybe reminisce a little.”
Katie nodded. She thought back to their chats on the phone over the years. Neither of them had ever married. Bruce did have a relationship, for about a year, and Katie had felt that they should marry, but they ended pretty much the way Katie and Bruce ended, as friends.
Katie had her share of lovers when she wanted them. She never felt close to love with any of them. Maybe they both were just destined to live a single life.
The Waiter brought their food and they ate in silence; each left to their own thoughts.
“You haven’t been, you know, seeing anything have you?” Bruce asked.
Katie stared at him, felt the dizziness, but pushed it back.
“It’s very strong and wants to come out, but I’ve kept it at bay so far,” Katie replied.
“Good. Keep it that way and I will try to hold it back some, so it will not be so strong. I don’t want you to see until we are safely at your home.”
“Are you saying you wish to purchase my services?”
Bruce looked uncomfortable. “Why don’t we just get out of here and walk and talk,” Bruce said as he waived the waiter over and paid for their meal.
The night was humid and heavy with the scent of Jasmine. Bruce and Katie held hands and walked and talked. They laughed about some of their antics when they were younger. They sighed when they talked about their love affair. Suddenly Katie had a thought, was it love they had? A love that neither was ready for, love that kept them calling each other through the years, love that brought them back together?
Katie felt the tears sliding down her cheeks as she opened the gate leading to her home.
“Your home is gorgeous, Katie, just as I had it pictured in my mind,” Bruce sighed.
“Wait until you see the inside,” Katie replied.
An elder lady stood at the doorway ready to welcome them inside.
“This is my Aunt Virginia, my grandmother’s youngest sister,” Katie said as she introduced the two.
“She lives here with me and insists on being the ‘Door Greeter”,” Katie said as she kissed her aunt on the cheek. Virginia giggled like a school girl when Bruce took her hand and valiantly placed a kiss on top of her hand.
“Will you be needing refreshments,” Virginia asked Katie.
Katie looked at Bruce. He shook his head. They had shared a bottle of wine with their meal.
“Maybe just some tea, Aunt Virginia, and I will be needing my special blend,” Katie told her Aunt, who nodded and headed for the kitchen.
Katie led Bruce into her formal living room where they sat in chairs facing each other. They chatted about Katie’s home while waiting for the tea. Once Virginia brought in the tea, (two cups for Katie and one cup for Bruce), the conversation turned to more serious matters.
“You know I’m freelancing now,” Bruce said.
Katie took a sip of her tea. “No, I didn’t know that. It must have happened after the last time we talked.”
“A lot has happened since the last time we talked, Katie.”
Katie was feeling dizzy again and realized that Bruce was no longer holding back. She stood and waited until she felt steady on her feet. She picked up the other cup of tea and motioned for Bruce to follow her.
Katie led Bruce toward the wall beside the fireplace. She pressed a button, that blended into the mantle, and the wall opened.
“I usually take customers down the hall, where there is a regular door to this room,” Katie explained as she lit some candles and pushed the wall shut. She motioned Bruce to a chair and then sat across the table from him. There was a crystal ball sitting in the middle of the table, but it was mostly for effect and Katie felt no need to use it with Bruce.
Katie turned the cup up and drank all the tea in a single gulp. She took Bruce’s hands into hers and immediately felt the dizziness. She didn’t try to stop it this time; just rode with it until the blurred visions became clear.
She didn’t scream at what she saw, but she did weep silently.

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