Daily Prompt: Prized Possession

Describe an item you were incredibly attached to as a child. What became of it?

I considered myself lucky to have had all 4 of my grandparents with me until the age of 36. None of them had money, but they were all full of love. I felt most secure. When I was around the age of 8-9, my maternal grandfather worked at city sanitation. I think that’s what they call it these days; back then it was just called garbage man. So, my maternal grandfather was a garbage man, at that time.
We, (my Mother, Brother, and I), were living with my maternal grandparents at that time, (one of many times). My grandfather would always look through the garbage before he threw it on the truck. If he found something he thought he could repair, sell, or keep to use, he would bring it home. This, of course, drove my grandmother to grumble and groan. If she caught my grandfather with his back turned, she would throw it away.
If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that I write about my maternal grandfather a lot and how important he was to me. While we were staying with them, he would often find something in the garbage and bring it home to give to me or my brother, Tony, to play with.
One day he came home from work and gave me a stuffed poodle dog. Nothing was wrong with her; she just needed a good wash and her hair combed. Somebody had just gotten tired of her and threw her away. Now she was mine and I would care for her and give her a home. She was pink and I named her Fifi, (pronounced fee-fee). My grandmother washed her for me and gave me a comb I could use to comb her hair. Fifi had fluffy poodle ears and a long tail with a puff of hair at the end.
I loved her and carried her every where with me for years. Fifi had a place on my bed, even when I wasn’t home. She helped me write my stories and poems. She listened while I poured out my heart to her. Her fluffy pink hair would dry the tears from my face.
She was there when I married, when I had my first child, and as I grew up and realized how bad my first marriage was. She listened again as I poured my adult heart out to her; telling her all the woes of living with an alcoholic. Her fluffy pink hair, once again, dried the tears from my face.
I grew stronger and stronger and eventually passed Fifi to my oldest daughter. She never had the feelings for Fifi that I did. She later gave Fifi to my youngest daughter. I’m not sure if she is packed up somewhere at my Mother’s or if she was stored at my old trailer, left behind when I married for the 2nd time and moved about an hour away. The trailer ended up burnt, a couple of years ago. There wasn’t much to salvage. What was salvageable was taken to my oldest daughter’s home where she was going to sort through it and see what she could save. She may even be with one of my granddaughters now. Wherever she is, I hope she is happy, safe, and loved.


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P.S. I had to smile as I read through the above Daily Prompts. Nearly all of them mention their grandfather.

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  1. Hey! I had an uncle who was a garbage man. I thought he was so cool. He used to drive the truck and everybody seemed to know him. Like your grandfather did for you, my uncle would bring me things that people had thrown away. Once he brought me a skateboard. I rode with him in the truck one Christmas and saw dozens of people giving him envelopes with money inside, and I assumed that they must do that every week! He used to finish work at 12 noon and I used to think how great it would be to be a dustman as we called them, and have the afternoon off to relax.


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