Project FireStarter: Let’s Think! (Day 1)

Lets Think Day 1

What Makes You Smile?

Me personally, I love to make people laugh, seeing people smile and having a good time makes me feel amazing, like i made their lives better by just being weird and funny!

Whats something that makes you smile? Is there something in you’re life that fills you with joy when you do it? Leave a comment if you want to share what makes you happy, or if you have anything to add.

What makes me smile? Hearing the birds singing in the morning, See the Sun Shining down on the World, Feeling my grandchildren’s arms go around my neck or simply hold my hand, watching their beautiful faces break into a smile.

Something that fills me with joy when I do it? Make people smile. If I can take away a bit of pain from someone or no that I helped in anyway. Writing!

Please visit and Think Happy!


4 thoughts on “Project FireStarter: Let’s Think! (Day 1)

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  1. Every time I see my dog Sydnee Pee lying upside down with all three legs in the air, I just have to laugh. I see it all the time and I never fail to smile and giggle. Her brothers (human bros) are the same way. I have over 300 pics of puppy ‘porn’ pics on my i-phone! It’s cute and it makes me smile.


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