Another Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Things have been so busy lately, and I know I have lost track of some awards presented to me. Please do not have hard feelings. I love to receive and pass on these awards. If you have sent me one and I have not responded, please let me know.

This Very Inspiring Blogger Award comes to me from a blogger I have grown to love. Please visit her at:

The rules:
1. Link back to the blogger that sent you the award.
2. Display the Award Logo.

Award Inspiring

I’m going to break the rules down a little farther and say:

3. List 5 thing about yourself.

1. I’m generous.
2. I’m honest.
3. I’m loving.
4. I’m spiritual.
5. According to last Friday’s sonogram, I’m going to be MeeMaw to another little boy!

4. Nominate 5 blogger to receive this Award.



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