We have been discussing Faeries this week. We will continue this agenda by discussing ‘Green Faeries’.

Green Faeries live in most habitat’s and can be found worldwide. They are the tallest Faeries, measuring around 6″. They can be seen from March until October. They hibernate in tree trunks for the winter season. Green Faeries do not like the cold. They much prefer to frolic and play in the sunshine.
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Green Faeries are associated with artistic enlightenment, poetic inspiration, and transformation. To the ignorant, Green Faeries are associated with the potent alcohol drink known as absinthe.
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Green Faeries can bestow inspiration and liberation to those they love. They are most known and recognized as an artist’s muse.
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Green Faeries were known to the Cherokee as the ‘Little People’. The legends of the Cherokee go back centuries, to ancient times. Many of their legends included the ‘Little People’. They were said to be helpful and kind, especially to children. They would often play games and tricks with the Cherokee.
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The ‘Little People/Green Faeries’ lived in forests and mountains. They can bestow kindness, joy, and respect on those they chose. They loved to dance and could often be found near, when the Cherokee were drumming.

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