Today we are going to discuss the ‘Black Faeries’. Some people believe that ‘Black Faeries’ are evil. Unfriendly Black Faeries like to pull pranks on people. Black Faeries can be dangerous and malicious at times, but not all Black Faeries are bad.
Black Faeries
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Black Faeries generally live underground in hills or mounds of rock.
Faery Underground
Photo courtesy of Yahoo Images

They live in fine houses that are brightly illuminated and lavishly decorated.
Fairy House I
Photo courtesy of via Yahoo Images

Black Faeries tend to thrive on being conservative and having prestige. Some are very serious and some are fun and loving. They often grant security and sophistication to the ones they choose. They are not great conversationalist and prefer to silently bestow their gifts to you.

Some Black Faeries are always in a bad mood and are very negative. They tend to stay in their elegant homes, but when they do venture out and someone offends them, they may become malicious. They tend to surround themselves with intrigue and mystery.
Evil Faerie I
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Bad or Good, Black Faeries tend to act out their emotional insecurities, by punishment or bestowment on the human race.

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