Happy World Water Day

A reminder that today, March 22, 2013, is World Water Day.

Water brings opportunities. Water gives life. With 780 million people currently without access to safe water, there is more to be done. However, there is good news! We have solutions and the desire to work together to make this crisis history.

For more than twenty years Water.org has worked with local partners and communities to solve the water and sanitation crisis. Over 50,000 people have donated their voice to our campaigns that inform and educate others online.

For over two decades we’ve been working to empower others toward a better life with safe water and toilets. You can help us make a difference. No matter your age, no matter your profession, it’s your pick. Our greatest need is to continue to raise awareness for the crisis. Fan us online to get instant updates, share our videos, follow the work, and even fundraise for those without safe water.

Show your support on by using the hashtag #waterday.

Read some Water Facts at: https://mauldinfamily1.wordpress.com/2013/02/16/world-water-day-march-22nd/

Visit: http://water.org/ for more updates and ways you can celebrate World Water Day!

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